Australia? Yes, but we’ll take the long way around!

Australia? Yes, but we’ll take the long way around!

When we walked throughout the door of the Russian Visa Center in Rome and we went on the street, holding our passports in our hands, we looked at each other eyes, and for a moment we were the happiest people on Earth.

Inside the two documents so important for us, as big as a whole page, and with our names written in Cyrillic alphabet, was the access pass to the largest country in the world, Russia. A shiver of joy ran through our bodies, a great dream was coming true, we would have traveled along the longest railway in the world.

But let’s hold on a second. A few months ago, we decided to leave Canada, our home for the past four years, and to get rid of everything that was part of our lives there, except the memories. We decided to start the new chapter with a long journey to the other end of the world.

The destination of this trip will be Australia, where we are planning to stop for a bit. However, the land of the kangaroos will be, as Russia, just one of the stops of our journey. The recent events drove us towards an important decision, the most important so far, the decision of living our lives in the way we want.

Right after taking the decision to leave the cold and gentle Canada to reach the sunny Australia, we were not totally satisfied though. We were feeling like we hadn’t hit the target yet.

Within hours, as if it was always inside us without coming out, as if it was only waiting for the right moment or the right excuse to come up, an idea made its way into our minds and our hearts. It was a bigger idea, on taking the long way around.

We have decided to reach Australia without taking any plane, using every surface transportation we can find, and taking as long as we need. The purpose of our journey is to discover as much as we can of the world we live in, being in contact with as many different people and traditions as possible.

The Adriatic Sea is our starting point, where a ferry will take us to the Balkan peninsula. From there we will start discovering Eastern Europe, until we will get to the land of the tsars, Russia. After the famous cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow, our journey to the east will continue on the longest and most famous railway in the world, the Trans-Siberian.

After crossing Siberia, the trip will take us to Asia, to Mongolia first and then to China, and then it will continue into Southeast Asia. With the exception of visa restrictions for some of the countries we will visit, the itinerary is going to be totally open, planning as little as possible, so to be able to enjoy every moment without time limitations.

We will travel on a tight budget, sleeping in hostels and, when possible, directly with the locals. We will gladly accept any help from anyone who wants and can help us to pursue this crazy project.

Whenever possible, we will give constant updates both on the website and on our social channels [FACEBOOKINSTAGRAMTWITTER], so to give a complete picture of our experience to who wants to follow us or is interested in starting a similar project. So we will provide the practical information learnt on the road.

We will also try to be helpful with those in need, volunteering when possible, so to be able to share with others some of the luck we have.

Besides the discovery, this journey represents for us the seeking on an inner purification and knowledge, as a stark contrast to the (beautiful) years spent in the heart of Western life.

In the next months the snapshots will become hundreds and our ordinary day is going to be a day of travel and discovery. We will start every day not knowing what it will reserve for us, and we will try to explore the world through the eyes of the people we will meet.

Our long journey will start in mid-April. And you, do you want to follow us?


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