Life experiences

28 May 2019

Progress and tradition among the Nagaland head hunters

The sun was about to disappear behind the head of the mountain, giving the sky a pink-orange color, when a man wearing a uniform waived us […]
5 October 2018

The strength of Kim: changing the world driving a tuk-tuk

When you travel around Asian countries, especially in the most touristic places of Southeast Asia, it is very difficult to walk more than a few steps […]
12 June 2018

Meeting the Tsaatan: at the edge of Mongolia

Uda is a nomad man from Mongolia. He lives in a yurt, the typical circular tents that sporadically interrupt the endless uniformity of Mongolian landscape. He […]
21 May 2018


“If you think that once people would try everything to get away from this place, while now we line up for hours under the sun to […]
15 March 2018

Australia? Yes, but we’ll take the long way around!

When we walked throughout the door of the Russian Visa Center in Rome and we went on the street, holding our passports in our hands, we […]