As human beings, we all have something in common. We were born, we grow up, we go to school, we fall in love. Every day we strive to create something that satisfies us, that makes us happy.

At the same time we are all different, we have characteristics that make us unique. As it is in the ocean, where all the drops are similar but none is the same as the others. Some of these distinctive characteristics have been with us since the moment we came into the world, and they follow us throughout our lives.

Some people like sport, others art. There are musicians and food lovers. Then there are those who wonder around since the first day and ask questions, curious to learn more and to discover the surrounding world.

Immediately we strongly walked into this last category, since we weren't really into sports and totally far away from having an artistic spirit.

Although we both grew up in the same town, our paths didn't cross from the first moment, but both of us have been feeding that voracious curiosity that would eventually lead to the birth of the blog you are reading.

It's time to introduce ourselves! We are Sara and Manuel, a couple in their thirties, with a passport almost to be renewed and a backpack always ready to go. We grew up in Avezzano, in Abruzzo, where our great curiosity soon became an uncontrollable desire to travel, that led us together, and turned into our way of life.

After a long time traveling mainly in Europe, it has made its way the first big choice of our lives, the decision to follow our instinct and to leave Italy to move to Toronto, in Canada. During the almost four years spent in the Canadian metropolis, we had the opportunity to visit many different places in North and Central America, and to live closely with many different cultures.

Every new trip stoked the fire that was burning stronger and stronger inside us, a fire that made us aware that every journey was for us no longer an escape from the everyday life, but something different. We began to feel the necessity to merge the two elements, we needed travel to become our every day life.

This feeling brought us to the second great choice of our lives,
to leave for a journey that will take us where we want, as we want and taking as long as we want,
a journey that will let us discover and know the world.

Our starting point will be Italy, from where we will explore Eastern Europe to head then to Russia, where the Trans-Siberian Railway will lead us first to Mongolia and then to China.

From there we will get into the wide Asian continent, a culture that we want to know, discover and understand as much as possible. We will then arrive in Australia, where we are going to work for a little, so to be able to leave again.

We will travel slowly, our stops will be as long as we feel necessary, without any plan or schedule. We will try to get in touch with as many cultures and people as possible, to get into their every day life.

This project comes out from our boundless desire to know and to travel, from our attempt to satisfy that craving for knowledge that overwhelmed us since the first moment, leading us to meet and to stay together.

For us traveling doesn't mean an escape from a life we don't like or appreciate, it is not a holiday from an oppressive job, nor a break from the everyday life.

Traveling is the only way of living we know,
it's our everyday life